Giving Birth and Dealing with the MIL

Giving birth is a special time and was no doubt a pretty remarkable time for me. However, during certain postpartum moments, my fluffy pink clouded reality got punctured quite a bit. The culprit? My beloved mother in-law. Don't get me wrong, prior to giving birth I enjoyed a pretty unblemished relationship, she was, believe it… Continue reading Giving Birth and Dealing with the MIL

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They are vital, we all need them and yet a lot of us haven't realised that they’re missing. It’s only when we finally succumb to the paralysing fatigue created from selling our souls to everyone else that we realise that this behaviour is not sustainable or acceptable. We start to resent the family members, friends… Continue reading Boundaries

Thank you 2020

A year ago today, I was nursing my baby bump, grateful that I was carrying a pregnancy after many years of waiting. Little did I know that my life would continue to evolve and adapt in ways unfathomable to me at the time. As my maternity leave unfolded, delicately and slowly, I started to notice… Continue reading Thank you 2020

Bearing the Fruits of Our Suffering

I have been pondering on when to write this and how exactly to approach this topic. It's something that I recently starting thinking about following a conversation with a family member. It was one evening last week when we discussed the actions of another family member and the drama he always seems to surround himself… Continue reading Bearing the Fruits of Our Suffering

The Christmas Gift

This is more of a reflective piece for myself to garner a better sense of perspective when it comes to present buying during the festive season, or otherwise. To explain, this year was my daughter's first Christmas and while it wasn't the Christmas I had anticipated, I knew it would be the Christmas I would… Continue reading The Christmas Gift

Gratitude Can Be Magical…

Photo By Courtney Hedger, Unsplash Covid, the new normal, the current backdrop of our lives for now and the forceable future, a brutal unforgiving formidable virus that has the world shaking at it’s core. Yes Covid has halted much more than our plans for tomorrow or the next few months. Today we find ourselves in… Continue reading Gratitude Can Be Magical…

My Baby Makes Me Mindful

The title is pretty explanatory; since having my daughter I embrace the present more. While I have to for her safety and because I would rather be nowhere else, the simple act of being with her has also taught me how to linger in the present longer than I would have done before. I first… Continue reading My Baby Makes Me Mindful

What If I Had Done That Sooner?

Photo By Kelli McClintock, Unsplash This isn’t a post about regret, more a reflective piece about seizing the moment. If there is one take home message I hope that resonates, it’s this. Cease the moment. Go on. Do it. If you can’t don’t worry, don’t be hard on yourself. Dust yourself off, there is always… Continue reading What If I Had Done That Sooner?